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Infection prevention and control: Personal protective equipment

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Infection control and workplace health and safety
Clinical practice and procedures
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Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) are the most common complication for patients in health care settings. Controlling the spread of infection requires a multipronged strategy and the use of personal protective equipment is a critical element of the strategy.

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, along with hand hygiene are two of the most commonly used, cost effective elements of standard precautions. They are integral to all infection prevention measures but unfortunately are neglected.

Protective measures are an individual responsibility. All healthcare workers have an individual responsibility to properly use PPE at the appropriate times. This module explains the common PPE used in healthcare, and when and how to use it.

Learning Objective

At the end of this module participants will be able to:

  • Refresh knowledge of how HAIs are acquired.
  • Know what the standard precautions are.
  • Identify the difference between standard and transmission-based precautions.
  • Know what PPE is available for use by healthcare workers.
  • Understand the use and indications of PPE.
  • Know how to don and remove PPE in the appropriate sequence to prevent microorganism transmission.
  • Know how to perform a respirator mask ‘Fit Check’.

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