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We take the worry out of staying on top of rapidly evolving technologies – from security, to reliability and accessibility.

...And we take your privacy as seriously as we take our own.

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Keeping your data private and secure

We take your privacy seriously. Ensuring that your data stays private and secure is at the forefront of our efforts every day.

We are proud of our 100% track record when it comes to security and we will never take our eye off the ball.

We ensure that Australian standards are not only met but exceeded.

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Everything at home

All data is Australian hosted with instantaneous back-ups in safe, secure, dedicated cloud infrastructure.

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Any screen, anytime

MNCPD is fully responsive and optimised for phones, tablets and desktop screens - do your CPD modules, add to your ePortfolio and check your records.

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Internet browser requirements

Our CPD is compatible with all of the following operating systems.

Google Chrome

Version 70+


Version 10+

Mozilla Firefox

Version 64+

Internet Explorer

Version 10+

Are you using the latest operating system on your device? If not, why not update now. Staying up to date keeps the bugs away! Click on the links above to update your system now.

Uptime all the time

We have a record of 99.9% uptime – making sure you can access your CPD anytime, anywhere.

We do maintenance and updates and may be offline briefly for these and every now and then something happens and we have no control over it – like an internet outage. We don’t guarantee 100% uptime all the time … but we come pretty close.

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