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My Nursing CPD (MNCPD) was started by a bunch of nurses and midwives having dinner one night in a restaurant in Sydney. We had ordered a bottle of red wine and got to talking about the quality of accessible CPD out there for us.

Well, the night progressed and by the time we got to ordering desert, we had decided that we wanted better quality online CPD and at a better price!

A load of get togethers later and My Nursing CPD (MNCPD) was born!

Since then MNCPD has become part of HealthStaffEd Pty Ltd and continues to grow.

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Put simply, we wanted

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Evidence based learning
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Easily accessible from any device at any time
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Somewhere safe where we could keep ALL our CPD records for ever
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All content specifically for Australian nurses and midwives
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The benefits of eLearning – interactive, visual, engaging
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Developed by people who know what they’re talking about

We didn't want to be price gouged!

We wanted to offer our colleagues flexible pricing options – some of us only need to top up our annual CPD hours whilst others of us want to know we have access anytime to an entire library of options.

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We're here for you

And let’s face it – there is going to be at least once in all of our careers (or at least most of us) when we are sitting down and suddenly realise that it’s the 29th of May and ‘I only have 17 hours of CPD recorded for the year!’ Well – we know what it feels like and we are here for you.

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Love and Hardwork

It has been a work of love (and some sweat) putting MNCPD together and we think we have the best product on the market for nurses and midwives in Australia – and we are not the only ones who think it!

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The best there is

So… don’t pay more than you have to – use MNCPD – it really is the best!

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