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COVID-19/SARS-Cov-2 (novel coronavirus) for nurses working in primary and community health

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Infectious diseases
Infection control and workplace health and safety
Clinical practice and procedures
Community and primary health care


COVID-19 is a rapidly emerging, newly identified virus.

Nurses are at the frontline of providing care. This module provides the latest information for those nurses working in primary and community healthcare.

Learning Objective

At the end of this module participants will be able to:

  • Describe what COVID-19 is.
  • Know the transmission routes and those most at risk.
  • Know how to triage patients in the community.
  • Gain a broad understanding of some of the initiatives being taken to support primary health care providers.
  • Know the specific precautions being advised for healthcare workers to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 in the primary and community healthcare environments.
  • Understand the guidelines being issued for the use of PPE at a time of critical shortage.
  • Don and doff personal protective equipment correctly.
  • Perform a fit check on a P2 respirator mask.

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