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Diabetic foot ulcers: Nursing management and care

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Diabetic ulcers are an increasingly common complication of diabetes and a sign of serious, progressive disease. In some cases they lead to amputation and early death.

Nurses play a key role in early identification of skin deterioration and must have a keen awareness of the signs of early stage skin breakdown. This module is focused on nursing care once an ulcer has developed.

There are a number of other modules available on skin and ulcer care including:  The skin - an introduction to the anatomy; The skin - identifying and preventing skin damage; and Pressure ulcers - an introduction.

This module focuses on primary wound care for a diabetic ulcer and is suitable for all those involved in nursing care.

Learning Objective

At the end of this module participants will be able to:

  • Outline effective wound management for a diabetic ulcer
  • Know how to assess a diabetic foot ulcer
  • Know how to recognise and treat an infected ulcer
  • Understand the range of dressing options available and how to select an appropriate dressing
  • Understand what offloading is

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