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Medication - Safe administration and calculations

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Medicines are the most common treatment used in health care. When used appropriately their benefits in improving health care and health outcomes are well known. Their safe prescribing, dispensing, and administration are critical in preventing adverse events associated with error.

When errors do occur, the results can be catastrophic. While the rate of catastrophic injury or death associated with medication errors is low, less serious adverse effects on health outcomes and injury do occur, are costly and mostly avoidable.

The Australian Safety and Quality Council of Australia has made the safe use of medicines a priority and medication safety is a National Safety and Quality Health Service standard.

This module is aimed at those administering medications. Its focus is on medication safety and medication calculations. The module provides tips on medication safety.  It provides tuition on how to perform calculations required to administer medications safely and then provides examples and opportunities to practice before undertaking the quiz.

For those who wish to do a medication calculation test only, there is a module called ‘Medications – Calculations test.’

Following the module, there is a quiz. The quiz requires a 100% pass mark. Participants are provided only one opportunity to provide the correct answer.

Learning Objective

At the end of this module participants will be able to:

  • Understand the main reasons why medication errors occur and the factors that can contribute to them.
  • Understand how to avoid medication errors in the administration of medications.
  • Know how to calculate the correct dosages for oral medications.
  • Know how to calculate the correct dosages for injectable solutions.
  • Know how to calculate the correct dosages for infusions.

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