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Medication calculations test

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Medication calculations are an essential element of the competency of nurses and midwives. The safe prescribing, dispensing and administration of medications are critical in preventing adverse events associated with errors. When errors do occur, the results can be catastrophic. Nurses and midwives work in ever increasing high pressure environments - this coupled with the increased use of medications in all areas of health care increases the risk of error.

The reduction of medication errors in health care is a national priority and nurses and midwives remain at the forefront of initiatives to reduce errors. According to the Australian Safety and Quality Council of Australia, those initiatives are working and Australia is seeing a gradual decline in the proportion of medication errors.

At the most basic level, any medication error risk management strategy will include ensuring competency in medication calculations for anyone involved in medication administration.

There is no room for error in calculations. Nurses and midwives are required to test their competence in medication calculations annually. No less than 100% accuracy is required.

If you are a nurse working in paediatrics or neonates, this test is not suitable as an annual competency test.

Whilst it does provide some questions on paediatric calculations based on weight, it is insufficient to ensure competency for those working full time in these specialities.

This module is a medication calculations test.

  • It requires a 100% pass mark
  • There is one try for each question
  • If one question is answered incorrectly, the test will not be passed

Please read each question carefully before answering. If rounding to the nearest whole number please round up.


This module is a medication calculation test only. It does not provide tuition on calculations and nor does it provide learning on medication safety. Medication safety involves far more than competence in medication calculations.

We recommend that everyone undertake the module - ‘Medication: safety and calculations’.

Learning Objective

There are no learning objectives for this module.

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