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Running an effective meeting for nurses and midwives

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Meetings are at the heart of management and provide an opportunity to communicate with staff and stakeholders. Running effective meetings is an essential managerial skill, however participants frequently complain that meetings are ineffectual and a waste of time.

This module is designed for nurses and midwives in, or moving into, senior or management positions. It provides an introduction to the principles of good communication, meeting planning, effective chairing, and conflict resolution.

The module aims to assist in developing effectiveness in:

  • Managing and chairing organisational meetings
  • Conducting meetings that result in productive outcomes through engagement and collaboration.

Learning Objective

At the end of this module participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of meetings.
  • Recognise factors that can influence the effectiveness of chairing.
  • Plan and lead meetings effectively.
  • Improve engagement and contribution from participants to ensure constructive outcomes.
  • Identify potential conflict and influence others to achieve resolution.

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