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Long-term management of urinary incontinence in the elderly

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This module provides an introduction to, or refresher on, urinary incontinence in the elderly. Urinary incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine, usually due to bladder dysfunction. Some 4 million Australians have ongoing bladder control problems. Both the prevalence and severity of incontinence increase with age.

People aged 85 and over are more than five times more likely to experience severe incontinence than those aged 65-84 (28% vs 5%). Despite this, incontinence should not be seen as an inevitable part of ageing.

Careful assessment may lead to acure for acute urinary incontinence or improved management for chronic problems. This module looks at the different types of urinary incontinence, assessment, and management strategies.

Learning Objective

At the end of this module participants will be able to:

  • Describe the main types of urinary incontinence
  • Explain the importance of a careful incontinence assessment
  • Discuss treatment options for elderly patients with urinary incontinence
  • Recognise factors that may make continence management difficult in elderly patients

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