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COVID-19 (coronavirus-2019) for midwives

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COVID-19 is a rapidly emerging, newly identified virus.

Pregnant women are a vulnerable group. The evidence of how it is spread, preventative measures and treatments are emerging on a daily basis with researchers around the world working together to understand this new coronavirus strain.

Midwives and nurses are at the frontline of providing care to those affected by the virus. This module provides the latest information for midwives providing care to anyone suspected of or confirmed to have COVID-19.  It provides details of what information to provide pregnant women and parents of infants to protect against infection.

This module discusses specific advice for midwives before providing a refresher on hand hygiene and personal protective equipment (PPE). We have decided to include hand hygiene and PPE even though it makes the module longer - personal protection is absolutely critical.

Participants are urged to regularly check the links, references, and resources provided.

Learning Objective

At the end of this module participants will be able to:

  • Describe what COVID-19 is.
  • Now what information is available to date on specific risks to pregnant women.
  • Know what information is available to date about transmission (vertical, breast milk).
  • Know the current guidance for changes to standard practice in midwifery care given the risks of transmission.
  • Know what precautions to take to minimise transmission.
  • Know the current guidelines for antenatal and post-natal care of women and neonates confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19.
  • Revise hand hygiene and PPE procedures for standard and transmission based precautions.
  • Provide advice and information to women on the current health crisis COVID-19.

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