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Midwife-led continuity of care

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Midwifery and child health
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There are many different models of care for childbearing woman in Australia.

These include a range of midwife-led continuity of care models, as well as medical-led models, and shared care between midwives, obstetricians, and general practitioners.

In 2016, a Cochrane review of available evidence found that midwife-led continuity of care models provide additional benefits compared to other models, with no adverse events.

As a result, there has been growing support to expand the implementation of this model across Australia.

This module provides an overview of the midwife-led continuity of care model.
It is intended for managers and midwives currently practicing in community and inpatient settings.

Learning Objective

At the end of this module participants will be able to:

  • Describe midwife-led continuity of care including: Key features of the model, the different types of continuity of care achieved through the model Individual and team-based models and target population
  • Highlight the clinical and non-clinical benefits of midwife-led continuity of care, compared to other models of care for pregnant women
  • Identify the steps required to implement this model of care in a new setting

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